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Some items from our past...


Back in the day, when the undergraduate chapter was active, we had many brotherhood awards in recognition of our activities. These included:

  • Leadership Award
    Awarded to the brother who most inspires and best shows leadership.
  • Terry McIntyre Award
    Awarded to the brother who most reflects the principles of DU.
  • Ian Siboo Alumnus Award
    Awarded to the alumnus who makes the greatest contribution to the chapter. Named after Ian Siboo, who remained active throughout his Master's and PhD studies.
  • Pledge of the Year
    Awarded to the pledge who shows the most potential for becoming a leader of the future.
  • Scholarship Award
    Awarded to the brothers who achieve the highest GPA for the year and most improved GPA.
  • Sportsman Award
    Awarded to the on and off the field leader of our sports teams.
  • Party Animal
    Awarded to the brother who most contributes to our social life.
  • Half-ass Award
    Awarded to the brother who screws up best and most often as recorded at our weekly meetings. It's all in the name of good, clean fun!
  • La Shoe Award
    Awarded to the brother who most distinguishes himself in the commission of his evening pursuits.
  • DU Sweetheart
    Awarded to the woman who most contributes to the fraternity.
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award
    In 1988, Delta Upsilon McGill first presented this award in recognition of distinguished service by its alumni to the community, the university, and/or the fraternity. It was felt that by recognizing these individuals, and by drawing their contributions to the attention of the active chapter and the alumni, honour and inspiration would be provided to both.

Road Trips

Road tripping was one of the best parts of being in the fraternity as an undergrad. With access to any DU fraternity house in North America, once per semester a group of guys would head out to a nearby chapter.

These photos were taken during a roadtrip to the University of Western Ontario chapter. We rented a coupleof vans and 14 of us headed down! Notice the lovely sleeping accommodations! Of course, the brothers had a great time...

Another notable road trips included the trip to the MIT chapter (hanging with a Playboy bunny...).




DU McGill philanthropy projects have included volunteering and raising funds for worthy causes. During the 1990s we organized several film festivals, including showing the Star Wars Trilogy, Indian Jones Trilogy, and Jim Carrey films. Of course, our bachelor auctions also went over quite well!

We also put on a "Looney Tune-A-Thon" where we watched cartoons outside the Union/Shatner Building for 48 hours straight, rain or shine. To get some added publicity, one year we went down to the Mix 96 studio and had an on-air chat with Terry & Ted!

During the 1990s, the fraternity raised $4,600 for the Montreal Children's Hospital. In recognition of our fundraising efforts, this article appeared in the hospital's Newsletter (Volume 4, Number 2, Summer 1995).

Giving back to the community has always been an important part of DU life across all of our chapters. Many brothers continue to donate time and other resources to help support various causes.





Social Events

Being the master socializers that they are, the DU boys were sure to be found around Montreal partying with the best of them! Let's face it, fraternities are about learning about others, philanthropy, learning to get along, lessons in leadership, trial and error, and an overall education but socializing and partying play a part in that mix. Some of our most memorabl brotherhood events have included...

  • Great times at Gert's
  • Clubbing on St.Laurent & Crescent streets
  • The Inter Greek Letter Council (IGLC) Party Cruise!
  • Greek Week: One of the best reasons to join any fraternity has got to be to have a blast during this awesome competition! 
  • Food: Who can forget late night trips to Alto's?! Late night partying without grabbing a bite at Alto's was unheard of! The brothers made that crucial stop during the October 2001 Alumni Banquet.
  • Our intramural hockey and basketball teams (not to mention having brothers in a co-ed fraternity-sorority ultimate team)
  • Weekend retreats (like Gary's Country house!)
  • Movie nights
  • Super Bowl Bashes (with Brother Pare's cooking delights!)
  • Cigar smoking paired with literature readings. (It's amazing what people pick to read... you learn a lot about people by their choice of readings!)
  • ...oh, so much more!


- Delta Upsilon McGill


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